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Sign the Petition to Recognize Juneteenth

Sign the Petition to Recognize Juneteenth at the link below In support of Juneteenth being a National Day of Observance, Opal Lee is walking across America to Washington D.C.  Sign the petition t the link below to let your support be known!   http://chng.it/ZpjddhWHrN    

Opal Lee Walks to DC

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Opal Lee may be 92 years old, but she’s got plenty of energy to travel across the nation. She is on a mission: Make Juneteenth a national holiday. “Ever since I can remember, working with Juneteenth is about unifying people,” Lee said Monday as she stopped in Williamsburg to promote her efforts. […]

We Are The Juneteenth World Flag Raising

We Are The Juneteenth World Flag Raising, June 3, 2019, 12:00 CDT As we raise the Juneteenth flag around the nation, be sure to take a picture and post on the Juneteenth Directors and Planners page! Below is information that is printable for the flag raising Monday, the name right after the number is the […]

Using the NJOF CRM and other Resources

These are links to videos showing how to use the NJOF CRM and Committee  Resources. We will add more detail over the next few days. Welcome to OPS Determine Your Region Adding your contact information Submit request for event support Add Your Event to the Calendar

History of Juneteenth

History of Juneteenth Presented by Dr. Shennette Garrett-Scott Wednesday, June 19, at the Allen Public Library. Her program traces the history of Juneteenth events from the late nineteenth-century freedmen colonies” and settlements’ celebrations to the present community events.    

Juneteenth: Freedom At Last

Juneteenth: Freedom At Last Slavery persisted in the South even after the Emancipation Proclamation and the passage of the 13th Amendment. In the most remote corners of the Confederacy, news of slavery’s end did not come until more than two months after Robert E. Lee’s surrender in April 1865. The day that General Order No. […]