President, National Juneteenth Observance Foundation

Member, National Juneteenth Observance Foundation Board
Virginia State Director /Virginia Juneteenth Committee
Founder, Mid Atlantic Juneteenth
Director of IT Services, NetSecurity Corporation
Principal Consultant, Micro Information Resources

NJOF president Steve Williams Said, “ Juneteenth is the actualization of freedom legislation, Juneteenth unites the people of America and acknowledges the right for all to, “…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. .  .

National Juneteenth Observation Foundation (NJOF) president, Steven Williams was raised in an environment recognizing Juneteenth. It was a natural progression when, while working with the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, he attended a Juneteenth Breakfast at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.. At that breakfast, he met NJOF founder and chairman, Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr. M.D., and became actively involved in the Juneteenth mission and holiday campaign for 20 years in the Virginia / D.C. area. He was selected by Rev. Myers to take the reins of the organization and continued the quest for the Juneteenth National Independence Day legislation which was signed by President Joe Biden, June 17, 2021.

With the presence of Covid-19, came the development of Soul City Wi-Fi in the West Las Vegas Community. The NJOF mission is to identify and connect resources that can bridge the digital divide in distressed communities across America. Micro Information Resources specializes in microtechnology. As NJOF president and Micro Information Resources’ Principal Consultant. Steve Williams designed projects in West Las Vegas Nevada, Baltimore Maryland and other cities. .
This program will bring free internet to underserved school children and vulnerable families in Historic West Las Vegas. The program will provide a new community resource. Soul City Wi-Fi is a Historic Westside Community Based Infrastructure, that will offer no/low cost high speed internet Wi-Fi service to the 3.5 mile area residents. The operations will provide training and employment to the local residents and businesses bringing a sense of ownership to the community which in turn will provide economic freedom.

As a Director of IT Services for one of the leading industry recognized IT security firms, he brings to the table his vast experience in IT services and, gained insight in the field of non-profits and Government Agencies, through analyzing their processes, procedures, and systems to improve their technology enabling them fulfill their missions. Throughout his career, Steve Williams has worked with over 50 nonprofits, 12 Federal, State and county agencies.