NJOF, SME, Recognized by Library of Congress & 400 Year Commission on African American History

“400 Commission recognizes NJOF as the foremost expert on Juneteenth and, as such, refers all matters relating to Juneteenth to NJOF” The Juneteenth Nation, including NJOF Directors and Planners in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, after 27 years, achieved the goal of a Juneteenth National Independence Day holiday, June 17, 2021 with […]

Meet NJOF President, Steve Williams, Juneteenth Subject Matter Expert

President, National Juneteenth Observance Foundation Member, National Juneteenth Observance Foundation Board Virginia State Director /Virginia Juneteenth Committee Founder, Mid Atlantic Juneteenth Director of IT Services, NetSecurity Corporation Principal Consultant, Micro Information Resources NJOF president Steve Williams Said, “ Juneteenth is the actualization of freedom legislation, Juneteenth unites the people of America and acknowledges the right […]


For Immediate Release Contact: Deborah Evans, Communications Director National Juneteenth Observance Foundation 888-509.NJOF (6563) X 701 AMERICA’S JUNETEENTH FOUNDATION THANKS CONGRESS (Washington D.C.) The National Juneteenth Observance Foundation (NJOF) has invited legislative supporters of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Holiday to the National Press Club on February 1st. This program has been organized as an […]