We Are The Juneteenth World Flag Raising, June 3, 2019, 12:00 CDT

As we raise the Juneteenth flag around the nation, be sure to take a picture and post on the Juneteenth Directors and Planners page!

Below is information that is printable for the flag raising Monday, the name right after the number is the link to the document. These handouts are also available on the Membership Portal page, on the right under Documents, in a folder named Juneteenth 101

There are two versions of each handout:

The first one is in  Microsoft Word, right click with the mouse then save to your Desktop to print from your computer.

The second is in PDF format, you can just click on it and send to the printer


Print the NJOF TriFold and the Juneteenth 101 Printout double-sided then fold:


1. 2019 NJOF TriFold Information about the National Juneteenth Observance Foundation

2. 2019 NJOF TriFold Information about the NJOF in PDF

Print Doubled-Sided the fold in half

3. JUNETEENTH 101 Printout Educational informational on Juneteenth in pamphlet

4. JUNETEENTH 101 Printout Educational informational on Juneteenth in pamphlet  PDF

Just print these out.

5. JUNETEENTH 101 standard  Educational informational on Juneteenth

6. JUNETEENTH 101 Standard Educational informational on Juneteenth PDF

7. The Proclamation for Juneteenth.pdf The NJOF Juneteenth Proclamation